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Media showing their Hindutuva color

Everyday open a newspaper, you find humiliation in the name of caste

B. Ravichandran / Its really a humiliation for SC/ST/OBC's, Muslims to live in India. Everyday open a newspaper you find humiliation in the name of caste. The mainstream media and the Hindu-left have been showing their Hindutuva color during the discussion on either communal issue and on reservation. Often they talk against anti-reservation. However to get the support of Dalits, Bahujans, Adivasis, Muslims they will pamper dalits to some extent and in muslim question they would say poor muslims, but they have never seen this population as a political one. 

 Take the case of the Hindu newspaper. The paper will show as if supporting dalit and reservation but get deep into  its college Asian College of Journalism, you wont find reservation. These Hindu left have been complainging dalits, during Ambedkar cartoon, womens reservation bill, lokpal bill,  etc. And now they have come out and said the reason for corruption is SC/ST/OBC, and did not stop there Ashis Nandy goes forward and says in West Bengal there is no corruption because SC/ST/OBC's have never been near to power. Latter when Ms. Mayawathi protested he clarifies that SC/ST/OBC's are getting caught but upper caste's are escaping. Why suddenly he uses Upper caste, when he was comfortable in pointing out SC/ST/OBC, why cant he say its Brahmins, Jats etc are in the hight of corruption. And Kafila goes ahead to put a condemning statement against those who raised their voices against Nandy.
When will this Hindu-left change their mind?
Never believe left, they are firstly Hindus then comes for them left ideology.
For Ashis Nandy should ready what was the status of dalits in left ruled states, either in West Bengal or in Kerala. Caste can never be discussed in those states.



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